If you are a photo junkie like me and likes using different photo apps on you iPhone to take pictures you might probably experience using the full capacity of your photo memory of your iPhone. Of course deleting the pictures you’ve taken or collected is not an option at all. So how do you safe keep these photos? Transfer them to your computer. Transferring your pictures to your computer is a very easy process. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or PC as long as you have your iPhone, USB cable and your computer you are good to go. Here are easy to follow steps on how to load photos form iPhone to your computer for Mac and PC users.

Guide for Mac Users

Using Preview on your Mac is the easiest way to transfer pictures from your iPhone but you can also use iPhoto or Image Capture.

  1. Using your USB cable plug your iPhone to your Mac
  2. Then Open Preview
  3. Click “File” from the dropdown select “Import from iPhone”
  4. If you want to transfer all your pictures click “Import All”. Click “Import” if you only have selected pictures you want to transfer to your Mac.
  5. Check your Pictures Folder to see if you have successfully transferred your pictures from your iPhone to your Mac.

Guide for PC Users

There are two ways to transfer pictures when using Windows PC. The fastest and easiest way to transfer your pictures from your iPhone is to use Windows Explorer. With these options Windows treats your iPhone like a file system.
First Option:

  1. Without iTunes running plug your iPhone to the computer using your USB cable.
  2. A popup will appear asking what you want to do with the device
  3. Click on “View Content”
  4. Folders will be displayed, then select your photos
  5. As the usual process, copy in Windows

Second Option:

  1. Using your USB plugin you iPhone to your PC
  2. Navigate to “My Computer”
  3. Look for your iPhone
  4. Click and open you iPhone to see your pictures
  5. The last step is to select the pictures you want to transfer to your computer. Ctrl A to select all the pictures then Ctrl C and Ctrl V to copy/paste them into a folder.

With these very easy steps for Mac and PC users you can now easily transfer pictures to your computer and this also means you can take more pictures because transferring and keep your pictures safe is easy as 1 2 3.