My friend just recently had her Blackberry phone reformatted and lost all her contacts because she was not aware that all her contacts were saved in her phone’s internal memory and she also had no knowledge on how to save her contacts to her sim card. So calling all Blackberry users remember that whenever you save or create a contact to your Blackberry the information is saved in its internal memory so make sure you transfer all your important contacts to your sim card. Just follow these very simple steps on hot to save your contacts to your sim card.

  1. Got to you Blackberry’s “Home” screen to access your address book then press “Contacts”. Select “Menu” key and after “SIM Phone Book”
  2. Then you will find a list of options just press “New” and put the contact info you want to transfer or add to your sim card
  3. To save the contact to your sim card select “Menu” and “Save”.

With these three easy steps you can now ensure the safety of your contacts and whenever you want to change your phone you can just insert your sim card to your new phone then voila! All your contacts are in your new phone already.