It’s nice to just log-in to your Facebook and find out that you have too many notifications. It’s exciting to see what kind of alerts you got whether there is a new event, a joke you are tagged in, or a photo wherein you are tagged too. But what annoys me (most probably you too) is the frequent and almost always popping of Game Requests which is I don’t need. Maybe there is some of us who likes playing in Facebook but those who just Facebook in other matters aside from playing, then that’s the problem.

If you like to turn off those annoying Game Requests and Notifications, I’ll teach you how to avoid them and get rid of them for good. I’ll teach you an easy way to disable those notifications and requests. I hope that this post would be of good help for you.

Disabling Facebook Game Requests

  1. Once you are already logged-in on your account, press the Account tab on the upper right corner of your Facebook screen.
  2. Click the Privacy Settings.
  3. Under the Apps and websites section, click the Edit your Settings link.
  4. Under the Game and App Activity, click the button at the right side of that option. From the drop down menu click Custom option.
  5.  Now, a Custom Privacy window will pop-up, there you under the Make this visible to section, simply click on These People option and from the drop down menu click on Specific People option
  6. In the provided field, write down the names of your Friends who always give you a number of game requests. After that click the Save button.

Disable Facebook Game Notifications

  1. Once you are already logged in on your Facebook profile, go to the Notifications section at the right side of your screen.
  2. Click on the show all notifications. Click the X button to every game requests there then you can click the option labeled as “Do you want to ignore all the game requests from this user?” to not be bugged by those requests ever again

Now feel free from those annoying notifications and request!