For years now Safe Mode on the iPhone has been a part of jailbreaking, but still quite a lot of people don’t understand what Safe Mode is. Usually Safe Mode will be active when your iPhone’s MobileSubstrate (Cydia support framework) crashes and when it is jailbroken. We may not be aware but Deskstop OS like, Windows and Mac OS X, have had a “Safe Mode” for quite a long time now. When the operating system is not properly functioning, Safe Mode is used for deleting corrupted processes that may be causing the problem. For the same reason iPhone has a “Safe Mode”. Cydia’s app called “Safe Mode Launcher” will let you put your iPhone into Safe Mode.

Here’s a brief description on what Safe Mode Launcher is

A simple utility to put your device into MobileSubstrate Safe Mode. You now no longer have to have SBSettings to put your device into Safe Mode! Useful if you want to uninstall a troublesome MobileSubstrate Addon. This will install a new icon on your home screen. There are no options to configure.

Here’s how to do it:

  1.  Look for the SBSettings and Safe Mode can be started through the “Power” option. You can find the Safe Mode listed together with all the other Power options. 
  2. After this you can now use Safe Mode Launcher easily as it is now one of the icons on your home screen. As long as Safe Mode is running, you can safely troubleshoot or delete MobilSubstrate that are causing problems.

It is important to remember that whenever a jailbroken iPhone’s iOS is not working properly iPhone boost into Safe Mode. When a newly installed jailbreak tweak could be interfering with root files that will cause your build of iOS to be corrupted MobileSubstrate will put on Safe Mode to protect your iPhone from harmful process.

When you have a MobileSubstrate addon that is not functioning properly then your iPhone will often go to Safe Mode. You can always troubleshoot or remove the process that is causing the problem because Safe Mode stops all jailbreak extensions and addons.

When you don’t want to use Safe Mode you can go back to normal by tapping the “Restart” option in the MobileSubstrate menu. If you can’t find this go to menu then tap “ Exit Safe Mode” at the top center of the iPhone’s status bar. You can also try a hard rest of the iOS buy pressing the power button this should stop the Safe Mode too.

We must always remember that Safe Mode is there to protect your iPhone from harmful processes, think of it as like an anti-virus of you iPhone. So the next time your springboard crashes Cydia’s MobileSubstrate is there protect your iPhone with just one tap.