If you have a big iTunes collection it’s really easy to unconsciously gather duplicate songs. Having duplicate songs in your tunes is not a surprise and cannot be avoided especially when we love to download music, rip DVD’s or import songs from our CD’s. Having these duplicate songs may cause clutter in our iTunes collections. Luckily cleaning and removing duplicate songs from our library is easy, here’s how to do it.

  1. Open iTunes and look for the  “File” menu
  2. Scroll down to “Show Duplicates” (see picture below)
  3. The songs that iTunes thinks are duplicates will now appear.

This process sometimes gives you songs that are very similar in name or artist. To make sure you get the exact duplicate of the song try this process instead

  1. Press the Option/ ALT Key
  2. Got  to “File” menu
  3. Click on “Show Exact Duplicates”
  4. iTunes will now only show the exact duplicates of the songs (see picture below)

iTunes will then give a list of the songs that it thinks are duplicate songs. It is important not delete everything in the list because you might delete the original song or the song you want to keep. Listen to each file to make sure they are imported properly and sound good. Be careful not to delete a good version of the song and keep the bad one.