Amazon has finally launched the most awaited lending feature for Kindle’s apps and devices. Kindle users can now loan supported book titles for the span of 14 days. Kindle books can also be loaned by a different reader even if he doesn’t own a Kindle because Kindle books can now be read using the free Kindle reading applications for PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. This all sounds exciting but the books can only be loaned once and not all books are lendable because it is still up to the publisher to choose which titles are for lending. While the books are on loan the lender will not be able to read the book during the 14 day loan period. So here’s how to use this feature:

Finding Lendable Books
The titles that can be lent will be up to the publisher. To find out which titles are available for loan, look for the “Product Detail” section and look for “Lending Enabled” ( see picture below)

Loaning a Kindle Book

  1. “Loan this title” link will appear in the Action menu if the book is allowed for lending. (see picture below)
  2. Then click  “Loan this Title”
  3. You’ll have to fill up a form and provide the borrower’s name and their personal e-mail address. You will be taken automatically to the form after step 2.
  4. It is important to send your Kindle book loan notification to your borrower’s personal e-mail address and not their Kindle email address.

From the product detail page of a book you have already purchased:

Log in to you Amzon account, you will see a notification at the top of the product detail page of the book you have purchased that you already own the rights of the title. A second notice will appear to see if lending is allowed for the book. “Loan this book to anyone you choose”

  1. Click loan this book
  2. After clicking  you’ll be taken to a form and fill up the information for the borrower’s name, e-mail address.(see picture above)

Your borrower will receive a notification of the loan through e-mail then the borrower has seven days to accept the loan. If the borrower fails to accept the loan after seven day then the book will be available for loan again.

Receiving a Kindle Book Loan

You will be notified through e-mail if someone has loaned you a Kindle book. After accepting the loan and downloading the book to your Kindle device you will have 14 days to read the book.

Here’s how to download a Kindle book loan.

  1. First go to the notification e-mail you received about the book you loaned and click on the “Get your loaned book now” button after this you will be directed to to receive the loan.
  2. Got to and log into your personal account.
  3. From the drop-down menu choose the device you would like the book to be delivered and click the “Accept” button
  4. For instance you don’t own a Kindle or any Kindle application just go and click the “Accept” button and the steps will appear on how to download a free reading application. You will have to go back to e-mail notification you received and accept the loan again after you have successfully downloaded the Kindle application.