Youtube sure is the most popular video sharing site on the internet right now. It is now the way for people to express their feelings and talents throughout everyone. YouTube allows users to upload and share videos easily BUT, downloading them is the biggest downfall. Youtube doesn’t provide us a download option.

If you are a YouTube fan and you want to keep copies of interesting videos on it to your computer, there are several ways to download them.

4 Ways to download Youtube videos

  1. The Kiss Technique (Renamed to Fetch Video)
  2. Don’t take this literally but you will really add a kiss on it. The word kiss will be added to the Video URL and then it will direct you to a site wherein you can already download it as a .flv file. There is also the option wherein you can convert it to other formats.

    For example this video url of “How to install xbox 360 hard drive”:

    In order to download it, you just need to add ‘kiss’. For example Press enter then you will be already directed to the website download.

  3. Vixy

  4. This website allows you to copy paste a video link from YouTube and then download it. But now it now makes use of their software to let you download videos. It wouldn’t hurt that much to download a small file isn’t it? It also has a FLV player to watch videos on the PC

  5. YouTubeLoader Firefox Plugin

  6. This one is made using GreaseMonkey script. You can use this by using your Mozilla Firefox Web Browser then installing the plugin from the Mozilla Plugins Page. After that there will be a change in the YouTube video you are watching. There will already be a download link below the video. Click that and you will now be able to download the video. There will also be options given to you like the format of the video

  7. Internet Donwload Manager

This is my chosen way of downloading youtube videos. This is paid software but it is worth it. Once installed, you just need to go to the YouTube video and a pop-up button will appear to whether you like it to download or not. There are options whether what quality you like (240p, 360p, 480p. 720p or 1080p) and what format would you like it to be downloaded.