First of all, we need to know what LED is. LED stands for Light-emitting diodes. They are semiconductor light source. LED are most commonly used for  lamps in many devices and is increasingly used for other lightings. They are used in applications as diverse as aviation lighting, automotive lighting, advertising, general lighting, and traffic signals. It allowed new text, video displays, and sensors to be developed, while their high switching rates are also useful in advanced communications technology.

Now that you know what LEDs are, what is High Intensity Led Strip Light? Simply stating it, High Intensity Led Strip Lights are LED strips which emit brighter light than normal LEDs. Strip LEDS are LEDS which are combined in a sequential manner to form a rope-like structure. Strip LEDs could measure from 30cm to up to 15M depending on the user’s wants. What is more amazing is that it consumes power less but produces high intensity light. It does give you bright lighting and reduces your power bill. They are woter proof which makes them useable for outdoors. For those worrying whether they are hard to install, don’t worry, they are maintenance free and easy to install. 

Where can you use it how it is applied in our daily lives? Be surprised as it has a lot of uses not just indoors but also outdoors. For those who have auto-mobiles, specifically cars and motorcycles, you could use this as decorative lightings. This can also be used for architectural decorative lighting. For places in your heart that needs lighting, like your archway, canopy or bridge edge, this can be applied.  For commercial use, this could be used on amusement parks, theaters & aircraft cabins. This can be applied to Emergency hallway lighting, auditorium walkway lighting, stairway accent lighting, concealed lighting, emergency exit path lighting and cove lighting.

Isn’t it great to bright up your places with just a simple yet bright light? Try using different light source rather than the usual fluorescent one. It won’t hurt trying other light source right?