For those guitar players who want tools to enhance their guitar abilities or for those who forgot their guitars and just have their smart devices, then this is a list of great apps both on iOS and Android that concern guitars.

Android Guitar App


                This is a perfect app for those players who don’t memorize the chord table. What more is that it doesn’t just teach you where to put your fingers but you can also listen to the sound of the cords. Bonus features are you will be able to set parameters for the amount of finger stretching you want to do, play around with scales, harmonisation and root notes, and find chords for a huge variety of stringed instruments. This app is perfect for beginners. Android 1.6 and up will be able to support this.


This app lets you play a virtual guitar. You can configure the guitar to either classic, acoustic or the electric guitar. You can also make it an app that you will use to accompany songs that are on your phone. It would also be a great reference app for real guitar players. There is a chord library integrated with it, and an ability to add a capo to adjust the guitar range. Pretty handy isn’t it?


                Guitars often lose its effectiveness. That’s the reason why you need to retune it once in a while.  Tuner – gStrings is a handy little app that gives you a variety of different ways to make sure your six stringed friends is in perfect pitch. It is available on the Android 1.5 and up. Tune up your guitar now!


iOS Guitar App


                OMGuitar was created by the makers of Seline HD. This app is a guitar synth. It features 6 guitars (3 acoustic, 3 electric), 10 On-board FX with 50 presets, Instant access to 300 chords with CH#RD interface, 7 assignable containers for “quick chords”. What more is that you could record your songs into a .wav format.


                This iPhone app emulates a more traditional guitar setup. You hold down chords (represented by buttons marked with chord names) and you touch the onscreen strings to strum.  There are several types of guitar to choose from such as a classic six-string, a 12-string or nylon.


                This app costs 99 cents. The cool thing about this app is that it has a bass guitar and various effects. If you just want to have fun and strum around, this app is perfect for you. There is also a Wah, which is one of the most popular guitar effects ever created. What more surprising is that this has a ukulele.