Imagine a HDMI rendering then combining it with a seems-like WiFi. Wouldn’t that be great? Wireless HDMI is colloquial term for wireless high-definition audio and video signals connectivity on consumer electronics products. This new technology is still on its infant stages but it is already useable and manageable.

As of now, its HD wireless transmission technology utilizes unlicensed 5 Ghz or 60 Ghz radio frequencies. It includes the following:

  • Warious proprietary protocols for wireless transmission (LG “Wireless 1080p”, Philips “Wireless HDTV Link”, Sony “Bravia Wireless Link”, Asus “Wireless Display Connectivity”, etc.);
  • There are several technologies attempting to become the industry standards like WirelessHD, Wireless Home Digital Interface and the Wireless Gigabit Alliance;
  • Proprietary video compression schemes that work over 802.11n and similar wireless interfaces.
  • Asus WAVI (Wireless Audio Video Interaction) wireless HDMI use 4 x 5 MIMO-channels with Two-Way Wireless USB Control

…from wikipedia

Despite its fast developing technology, there are still drawbacks to its marvellous capabilities.

  • 30-foot line-of-site restriction
  • Doesn’t really support full 1080p video
  • Get rid of some cables/cords, but not all
  • Slight lag might be an issue for gamers

Also, it is more ethical to buy a cheap HDMI cable and pay for the in-wall installation than avail the wireless HDMI.

The irony here is that, its implementation is just like having a wired HDMI. You add more cables, because you still have to plug the source and end-display into the device. You will also need power cables for each device. You will be having a wireless HDMI which gives you the type and location of it but never gives you the complete elimination of the wires. Still, there might still be situations wherein it is most appropriate to use a wireless HDMI than the wired one. But majority is, wired one is still the best choice.

Situations such as multiple HDMI cable installations and room to room HDMI cable usage are some situations that wireless HDMI is most applicable. But its price is till not on par with what performance wired HDMI gives the users.

Wireless HDMI is still on its early stage. It’s better to use the wired cables for now and wait for further developments of the wireless one.


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