Mozilla, launched their latest revision of FireFox. The Firefox 14 doesn’t feature any design or interface changes but it does come with a number of welcome new features that should make the browsing experience a bit more pleasant and safer.The highlight of their update is the usage of HTTPS protocol on every search on Google using the location bar, search box and right-click menu. This should make searching with Firefox safer on public and shared WiFi networks.According to Mozilla, “Google is currently the only search engine that allows Firefox to make your searches private, but we look forward to supporting additional search engines with this feature in the future.”

With this release, Mozilla have given the users chance to configure their browser to only load plugins on click. This opt-in activation of plugins does take a change to Firefox’s about:config page, however, so it’s not something the Firefox team thinks is quite ready for primetime just yet. Mozilla promised that they will soon be offering an update that will fully integrate this feature.

Also, for Mac users, they can finally experience native full screen browsing for OS X Lion. Firefox was always been capable of displaying on Full sceen mode however this wasn’t integrated into Lion’s native ability to run apps full screen. The advantage of Firefox’s old approach, however, was that you could still use a second screen while in full-screen mode. This isn’t possible using Lion’s native full-screen mode.

For developers, this new version will include a new API that can prevent the PC or Desktop from going to sleep or screensaver mode. Mozilla also added the pointer lock API which gives developers the ability to  hide the cursor and lock it to just the browser screen. This could sound a lousy feature but this is very effective to games and 3D apps.

Prior to Mozilla’s plan of just releasing big updates rather than minor updates, they are doing the job well. They are now releasing updates that have several new features on it rather than releasing a new update per new feature. Also, with this security boost, who will be disappointed right?

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