Introducing Amazon GameCircle, which contains new sets of services to enable users  to create more exciting gaming experiences and grow your gaming business on Kindle Fire.

GameCircle will make achievements, leaderboards and sync APIs simpler and quicker to to integrate. This will let gamers to feel a more entertaining and exciting gaming experience.

Our goal is to give developers great tools to quickly and easily reach new customers and keep them engaged. That’s why we’re creating easy-to-integrate APIs for features like leaderboards, achievements and sync.  We also introduced In-App Purchasing API in April, allowing developers to offer a seamless 1-Click purchasing experience within their apps and games, and we’re just getting started,” said Paul Ryder, Vice President of Apps, Games, and Services at Amazon. “GameCircle gives developers the right tools to build an immersive, more entertaining experience on Kindle Fire, which will ultimately help developers grow their business.”

To those game developers who are interested in turning themselves in this business, you can access and sign up here. Games which are now integrating GameCircle can be found here.

What would be new on its achievements, leaderboards and syncing?


Gamers would be able to keep track on their precious earned trophies, treasures, badges, awards, and more without leaving their respective games. Gamers will be receiving in-game messages to keep track of accolades earned in real-time or pause and view an achievements summary to check earned collections and determine what badges are still needed, before returning to gameplay.


Player’s in-game progress would be saved on the cloud service of the GameCircle. They will be able to pick-up exactly where they left off when restoring a deleted game or switching devices. This way, players will no more worry about losing their progress when switching devices as all data is securely stored in the cloud.


Players would be able to see where their score and percentage ranks them globally. Gamers would be able to easily check their standing against top players without the need to leave their game.

I hope it will have unique features rather than copying features from Apple’s Game Center. If they will introduce and let Kindle Fire gamers to feel a more exciting gaming experience, then Apple will more likely match what Amazon has introduced.