It is not questionable why Apple dominates the tablet market. Their sleek design, enormous app collection, and a thorough support are just some factors that contribute to their dominant run. Many rivals have spawned to fight Apple iPad for the No.1 spot, but no one dethroned them. They’ve been so completely clobbered.

But here comes another rival, the Google Nexus 7. Don’t just judge it for it is a new comer. It is not just an ordinary tablet, it has the POTENTIAL to battle iPad head to head.

It’s the first tablet to bear the brand name of Internet giant. Google Inc. IT’s also the best of the new trend of mini-tablets — devices with a diagonal screen size of around 7 inches.

The first mini-tablets were Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Inc.’s Nook Tablet. The Kindle Fire was the first to become a threat to iPad when it stole away customers from the iPad. The Nook Tablet, although having a better hardware specs to Kindle Fire, didn’t click to the public. The Nook Tablet has a sharper, brighter screen and more graceful design.

Now come the Nexus 7. Google said that it is built to dominate the tablet market. Well its purpose isn’t impossible. It has a monstrous quad-core processing, partnered with a 12-core video chip, resulting in superb gaming performance. It could perform 3D games flawlessly — no stuttering, no graphic glitches. Although its display does not match iPad’s Retina Display, it is pretty close to it. It’s more than good enough for gaming and watching HD movies.

Asustek Computer Inc, Google’s partner upon making the Nexus 7, sure has done a great job stuffing all those spec on this mini monster. It’s rounded edges and smooth plastic backside let it rest comfortably in the hand. It’s battery life is also good for its monstrous specs. Google and Asus claims that it can handle 10 hours of e-reading or nine hours of movie viewing without a recharge. They have also included a GPS chip and a Bluetooth wireless connectivity for easy sharing of files to any devices.

Google is also planning to push its  “near-field communications,” or NFC. This technology would let devices communicate with other devices by means of physical contact. This means that if you want to share any data with someone you are close with, press your device unto him and voila, data sent.