Tablet here, tablet there, are there any new updates on tech stuff that doesn’t relate on tablets? Well I’ll give you one. Introducing Google Nexus Q, a video and music streaming device, built for Smart TVs. Nowadays, we have many Smart TVs like Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, and a slew of so-called “Smart TVs” with apps and streaming services built in.

If there’s a new competition which is about new stuffs, Google won’t be ignoring this. With streaming business booming, they are introducing the Google Nexus Q.
Priced at $299, it is a spherical gadget that hooks up to your TV and streams music or video from the Google Play online store. There are no interface like on Google TV and Apple Tv. Instead you get an control everything via an app on your Android device. IT doesn’t’ stream items from your device but instead, it streams from Google’s servers. This means that your device is just a……..controller.


It’s design is sleek and gorgeous. It has a spherical shape and a a flat bottom so you can stack it on your entertainment center. There’s even a thin LED band that circles the device. The lights react to the music you’re playing, splaying trippy colors around your living room. Pretty cool.
It is quite heavy for a small device. It has a full powered Android computer inside it. It has a ports for Micro HDMI, Optical audio, Ethernet, Micro USB, and banana jacks for stereo systems.
It’s quite unique for entertainment gadgets are always square and rectangle. Something new is good.
Using It

Here comes the bad part. It offers more inability than abilities. These are examples of what you can’t do in the Nexus Q.

• Stream music from other services like Spotify or Rdio.
• Play videos on your Android device that come from outside the Google Play store.
• Stream video from third-party video services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO GO.
• Play your own music files unless you upload them to Google Music first.

It is quite annoying that it sells three times as much as the competition underperforms in every category possible. Of course this is unless you play all your content from Google Play, if not then this thing is pretty much useless.
When you want to play a video on the Nexus Q, you first have to play the video on your Android Device. Then tap the ‘Play’ button in the top right corner to tell Google to send the video to your Nexus Q. The video takes forever to load. You have to wait 30 seconds before you finally see a video on your TV screen. Music streaming is better but it is nothing compared to Apple’s seamless AirPlay.

Video quality is poor. Apple TV and Boxee has far better quality and doesn’t chug upon rendering.
The YouTube integration on Nexus Q is great. Google’s new version of the YouTube app for Android makes it a lot easier to share and watch your favorite channels.

It’s quite a handy feature, but could not redeem its awfulness.
Should You Buy It?
There are no reasons to buy it. It is expensive, has poor features and performs sluggish. Better stick with the Apple TV ($99), Roku (starts at $79), and Boxee Box ($179). They are far better and more affordable.