For those music lovers who want to share their music to their accompaniments, Genius releases a new speaker which is designed for portability. Genius introduces their new speaker and is named SP-i165.If you are a music lover and wants to listen music aloud, this might be the product you are waiting for. You will now be able to listen to music anywhere you like with quality. Great isn’t it? SP-i165 integrates a 40mm speaker driver for those who wants louder bass. It has a rechargeable battery so that you can listen to your favourite music with family and friends anywhere for a long time without worrying for having a dead battery. That would spoil the fun. Charging is a piece of cake. Just plug its USB cable to any laptop/PC available and the refilling of energy is in an instant. What more is that it has the standard 3.5mm audio jack. It means that you will be able to plug it to your music player of choice such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, cellphone, notebook, MP3/MP4 player and CD player. The worry of having incompatibility issue is not an issue to you anymore. Just plug it in and listen to music right away!

The portable speaker is available in 3 colors of your choice. It is available in black, white or red. Upon your acquisition, it has a quick charge USB cable and a pouch for storage on its box. All in one. Isn’t it great music-lovers?

Genius released an official statement for its features. The speaker will feature the following:

  • Portable speaker for smart phone, iPhone, iPad, Tablet PC, notebook, mp3/mp4 player
  • 40mm driver for clear sound and deeper bass
  • LED indicator: Blue – working, red – low power/charging
  • Built-in lithium battery; quick charge by USB
  • Up to eight hours working time
  • Color options: Black, White, or Red
  • Pouch included

For those who want this great speaker right away, I’ll give you the details. It is available in any local MSI-ECS. What more surprising is that it will only be sold at PHP 750. A great price for a quality speaker.