The application development that Microsoft is currently doing with their Windows Phone has just increased to 600 percent over the last 12 months. The data came from an app store analytics firm, Flurry.

Total Flurry project starts have grown by an immense percentage of 50.As of the second quarter of this year, the Windows phone rise from 1 percent to 4 percent of all Flurry partner projects. Apple meanwhile staggered from 71 percent to 68 percent. Android follows at 28 percent (27 percent last year). RIM(Research In Motion’s) remained flat at 1 percent all this time.

If we look at just Android and Microsoft in the month of June, for every Windows Phone new project started, four have been started for Android, considering the much smaller Windows Phone installed base compared to Android, Microsoft is currently over-indexing. From Google’s point-of-view, this must elevate Microsoft from an ‘also-ran’ to a potential competitive threat with the resources and know-how to kick-start momentum and mount a campaign to reel in the second-place player.” Writes Flurry Vice President of Marketing Peter Farago on Flurry’s official blog.

Flurry credits mounting developers are seen having interest on Windows Phone. The reason behind the switch of interest is because of several factors. Continued frustration over Android fragmentation, concern for increasing competition on iOS and dwindling faith in BlackBerry are the factors behind the change of phase.

Flurry Analytics is gaining more and more popularity as smartphone is becoming more in demand. As of now, more than 70,000 companies are integrating Flurry Analytics to more than 190,000 applications. This month, a large gaming company, Activision Publishing, has just confirmed its allegiance with Flurry’s analytics and advertising platforms to help them promote their games, gain more money, and watch out the current status of their application.

This is another good sign for Microsoft. As their Windows Phone is getting popular, they are now getting into the smartphone, tablet world. They are now bombarding the public with surprises such as their tablet, Surface, the upcoming Windows 8, and their Windows Phone. Keeping it aggressive will be Microsoft’s ace.

source: flurry blog