Microsoft announced their first ever tablet called Surface. Of course with that release, speculations arise. The most popular speculation as of now is if it is capable of rivalling iPad on the tablet industry. Will it ever reach No. 2? Or will it be so dominate that it will over shine iPad? As early as today, let’s see who is better on major key points of a tablet.


The Surface focused on developing the Touch Cover and Type Cover. They even innovatedSmart-Cover like accessories that have a soft or physical keyboard.

Meanwhile, the iPad has various and numerous support for Bluetooth Keyboards but it has no touch pad or mouse. For that, the Surface already took one point. The Surface has the laptop-like capabilities. But will it be enough to replace laptops? Even netbooks are having problems keyboard productivity.


There are no questions on how vast Apple’s App Store is. The App Store has many kinds of apps to satisfy Apple fanatics. What more is that it is universal in Apple gadgets. You can download the same app on iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Surface has two versions, the Metro version, which is more of a tablet, and the Surface Pro which is a laptop/tablet hybrid. The metrofied version should have vast apps like the App store or it will not stand a chance against Apple devices. The Surface Pro, meanwhile, can run Windows applications like what desktops do. They need to make sure that they are capable of running such applications in a touch screen environment. Stability too is the bigger question.


The Surface with Windows RT is targeting the consumers with low budgets. For that, it needs to be cheaper than the iPad or it could be with the same price but with better features. As of now, it is facing two challenges, the iPad and the ultrabooks. Will it be available on a reasonable price?


The iPad has never been capable of being a Mac replacement. The iOS is very different from Mac OS. The capabilities of iOS are very limited compare to Mac OS which has the desktop capabilities. The Surface Pro, meanwhile, is a full-fledged desktop tablet capable of running tablet apps and desktop applications.

Split Capabilities

The Surface has two versions. The first one is more of like an ordinary tablet like iPad. And the other one is beefier with Windows desktop capabilities. Apple devices meanwhile don’t split its capabilities. The hardware might be beefier but the software remains the same.

The screen

The Windows RT and the Windows 8 Surface Tablets looks like will have the feature of having high resolutions such as 720p-level and even the 1080p-level. The iPad 2 and the iPad 3 only have 720p-level resolutions but they answered it back with crisper Retina-display screens.

We won’t know how the public will react to this. We can’t even predict if this will be a successful product of Microsoft until it reaches the hands of the consumers. The Surface has many challenges, hindrances, trials and rivalries to face.


First look video from ThreeGuysTechReviews