Last 2 weeks ago my friend brought her Samsung Galaxy S 4G from T-Mobile in the office. She wanted me to unlock it so that she can use local simcards. Since I did some rooting and custom ROM update before on my droids this will not be my first. But of course I had to do some reading, I’m no expert but I’m careful. If you are looking on how to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S 4G as well then you came to the right place, I have successfully unlocked the phone. Read on the steps below on how I did it and watch the video. Leave comments below if you have. Let’s start!

I am not responsible if you brick your phone in the process. If you are not sure what you are doing don’t be a hero, ask questions first

There are steps that needs hex editor and you have to look for the code manually but that seem tedious and boring. Thanks to FBis251 of xda for developing a script to save us time and eye strain. First you will need to root your phone. There are different ways to root your android phone, for Samsung galaxy S 4G I used super one click 2.3.3, I tried 2.2 version but it didn’t work so download 2.3.3 and up instead.


  1. Set phone to debugging mode [Settings] > [Applications] > [Development] and check [USB debugging]
  2. Extract superoneclick
  3. Open SuperOneClick.exe
  4. Plug USB cable
  5. Don’t change any settings, (there is an option to donate now or donate later, it’s up to you to decide)
  6. Click Root
  7. It will ask to install busybox, click YES
  8. Wait… it took about 2-3mins to successfully root.

If you get “waiting for device” for a long time try to install the usb driver [32 bit| 64 bit] or better yet install kies.

After you get your phone rooted, install the script manager from the market.


  1. Download the script (here)
  2. Copy it to your SD card
  3. Open script manager
  4. Run sgs4g_unlocker script file
  5. If successful you should see 8 digit code
  6. Turn off your phone, insert new simcard then turn on.
  7. Enter code

There you go, you should have unlocked your Samsung Galaxy S 4G now.