As the Euro Football Championship 2012 is currently held, Philips decided to create a smart TV app that would capture the hearts of football fans. The announcement was made last week by TP Vision. They are the company responsible of developing and marketing televisions in the brand name of Philips.

The Euro app is available today till the future for free. Of course this app is just available to Philips internet-connected HDTV owners.  In the app, they can access recent results, statistics, news and gossips relating to both the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship which is still ongoing, and the upcoming Olympic Games 2012 in London.

Users will always be kept updated with the latest Euro 2012 news. The information is supplied by the Polish Press Agency. Information will range from news and results to fixtures and group tables. It will be flashed directly to your Smart HDTV. Nice isn’t it? Added information such as the history, the stadiums, the footballing countries and their star players are also there to keep you interested on their app. For those hardcore football fanatics, there is one more feature that will make you more delighted. You can play a Euro Football quiz which is delivered by a sister app. The quiz presents multiple-choice questions based upon participating teams’ players, managers and jerseys.

After the winning team captain lifts the Euro 2012 trophy on the 1st of July, the app will be immediately converted into a London Olympic Games app. If the previous app lets you to see and update you with the latest news with the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship, now it’s the Olympic Games 2012 turn to do that. The converted app will provide us with latest news, event schedules, results and medal tables. Miscellaneous information like tourist info on Olympic venues and infrastructure, history of the games, and infographics on certain sport disciplines will also be there with the app.

Now that’s a great way of maximizing the Smart HDTV’s potential. With the people’s urge to be kept updated with sports news, this is indeed an app that flows with the latest trend. Will Philips be the only one to do this? Or other companies will follow? I assume there will be.