If you are tired of just having a television, why not turn it into a smart TV? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the TV which you will upgrade from a CRT to a LED TV nor the update of a non-remote-controlled TV into a remote-controlled one. This smart TV that I am talking about is a TV capable of being connected to the internet, and having capabilities that no normal TV can do.

Brando, a world famous online store, has now a way of changing your ordinary TV into a smart one. It is a tiny yet sophisticated kind of device that runs the Android (2.3) operating system. It also connects your TV to the web by using a WiFi network. Not only that, it also offers users a USB external storage for you to store and replay audios, pictures, and videos. It supports a variety of formats (AVI, MKV, VOB and FLV). It also comes with a full complement of tech on-board, which includes a 512MB RAM and a 4 GB of NAND memory. For those who want to watch 1080p movies and videos, good news is that this thing already has a built-in 1080p decoder (HDMI ready). Your flat screen TV can now use the full potential of this Android Box with the decoder.  They’ve also manage to include a memory card reader into this box. Isn’t it amazing?

It will also be shipped with an IR remote control for some Internet surfing fun. And I know you guys are already worrying about its price, don’t worry, with its outstanding capabilities and features, they are offering a reasonable price of $89.00. That is cheaper than subscribing to Hulu or iPlayer or any other streaming sites.

For those who can’t afford to buy the real smart TVs being offered, why not just make your TV into a smart TV? The price is cheaper and you won’t have to be envious of your neighbours who are already running the smart TV. Buy this and boast about it!

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