Solar Electric Fan. When you hear of it, you will have the idea of a normal electric fan running on solar panels. Indeed it is. Some of you might haven’t heard of it yet so before thinking that this is a weird kind of fan, let me explain what this is first, what is its advantages and why is it handy.

First and for most, what is a solar electric fan? It is what its name say, a normal kind of fan that runs on solar panels. It is either installed directly on the fan or it is installed independently. Solar electric fans usually don’t have secondary source of power (example are batteries or any other source of power) as they just need the power of the sun. Their main purpose is to be used outdoors under the sun. Though they are fans that are meant mainly for cooling processes, some of their types are for heating purposes. What is good in it is that it runs the most powerful when the heat radiating from the sun is at its peak. It means that the hotter the sun, the more air it will bring to you.

There might be those solar electric fans which are used for cooling purposes but there are two kinds of it that are used in industrial purposes. One of these is used in air flowing purposes in warehouses. They are installed at the top and provide proper ventilation inside the warehouse. This is also applicable for attics which don’t have windows that provide proper ventilation. We can say that they are most likely used as a mean of ventilation.

If you are still thinking that this is still a weird kind of fan, then the following advantages might change your mind:

  • First of all, it is far more environment friendly than the normal fan
  • In terms of power consummation, it is far cheaper than the normal cost for it will just cost you the expensive solar electric fan. But keep in mind; you’ll only pay the product itself and not the power bills.
  • An accident such as electric shock is in an absolute zero state because there are no danger-potential electric cords connected to the fan
  • Its mobility is superb. Because it doesn’t need any cord, you will be able to move it anywhere you like

If you still think that this is weird and not a convenient and handy fan then this probably won’t appeal you. So for those who wants a mobile fan that will always keep you cool, this is for you. This kind of fan can be acquired on buy and sell sites such as amazon, ebay,, ayosdito etc. They might be already available on some retail stores. So check on them now.