This 2012, we have witnessed the dawn of many technology breakthroughs such as the new trend of ultrabooks, laptop/tablet hybrid, quad core smart phones, mobile developments, powerful gaming handhelds, new OS’s and much more. But I want to highlight what is for me, the top 5 must have for this year. There are A LOT to choose from so I found it hard to decide which among them are the best among the best. So here it goes, my top 5 gadget wish list of 2012.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3
  2. Who would not want an Android phone which has a quad-core processing power? It will now be able to withstand multi-tasking without chugging. Also with its new Android Ice Cream Sandwich (a.k.a 4.0), it will now have a new outstanding UI and a lot of very useful applications. Along with its sleek design, powerful processing, super clear screen, long battery life and a lot of embedded connectivity features, who would not want this phone? For me, this tops Apple’s iPhone 4S and HTC’s new One X.

    Buy Samsung Galaxy S 3

  3. PS Vita
  4. If you are a gaming addict and you are not contented with tablet and smartphone games, then this is really for you. I admit, I really am a gaming addict. But is it a sin? Hell no. I would like to relax sometimes and just play with this little puppy. Its gaming performance is like playing on a PS3 only that it is portable. Its new dual analog control, a touch-screen capable rear, and improved Sony Store, improved storage, improved firmware, and better connectivity, this would be the perfect portable gaming device. I would choose this over Nintendo 3DS and any more handheld gaming devices.

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  5. Asus Transformer Book
  6. We are all curious about the upcoming Windows 8 OS and so am I. But good news is that, the new hybrid laptop/tablets will now be able to run the new Windows 8 OS to its fullest. With the capability to be turned into a touch screen tablet that would make it portable and handy, and the capability to turn into a normal laptop alongside Windows 8 magnificent features, this would be the perfect travel mobile computing device for professionals and students like me. This hybrid tops Acer IConia and MSI Slide for its design, performance and of course, price.

  7. Alienware m18x
  8. With every hardware component it has that is monstrous in specs, this is the perfect gaming laptop. Imagine being able to play any game at ultra-high-settings without any lag at all, it would just be amazing. Playing my favourite games with this monster is heaven for me. This wins the gaming laptop category with no need to compare. Hands down.

  9. Apple iPad 3
  10. The best tablet would still be Apple’s iPad 3. Its featues just keeps on improving especially on the hardware category. Its design never changes and it keeps its trend without major changes. Its usefulness along with a large number of apps to choose with will still keep it as the top tablet for me. I chose this tablet too for the reason that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now capable of doing what Android tablets usually does so why buy them? I’ll try Apple so that I’ll have all the best mobile OS’s mine. Sorry Windows Phone but you are not on my list. You still need to improve more.