Myspace disappearance will most likely happen to Facebook too. This is what one analyst predicts about Facebook’s future. Erik Jackson said that “Facebook will lose its dominance as a social network in less than ten years”.

In five to eight years they are going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared,” Jackson said. “Yahoo is still making money, it’s still profitable, still has 13,000 employees working for it, but it’s 10 percent of the value that it was at the height of 2000. For all intents and purposes, it’s disappeared.”

Projecting Facebook’s fallout has always been popular. It is always faced with a listless stock price, concerns over its online advertising, and the usual on-going privacy worries. These might be the early signs of Facebook upcoming disappearance.

No company is invulnerable. We never expected that something as big as MySpace will just vanish out of the blue. MySpace was once a dominant force in the social networking arena. But it just gradually drops on the popularity rate then just vanished.

Facebook is doing well on capturing billions of people around the world. Despite issues relating on their privacy, users are now relying on Facebook as the primary way of staying touch with friends and family. We are well aware that many people use Facebook for communicating such as e-mail and IMs instead of the usual ones (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, YM, Gmail etc.).

But certain aspects are hurting Facebook. Advertising is an example of an aspect that Facebook is lacking improvement of. Larger advertisers have been experiencing frustrations on Facebook. They say that Facebook can’t handle huge accounts. One instance is that, General Motors withdrew $10 million in advertising from Facebook because they say that it just didn’t work for them.

However in smaller companies such as Applebee’s, Diageo, and Nutella, they received a positive note on their ads on Facebook. Facebook might just to adjust something on handling larger accounts the same with how they handle smaller firms.

If Facebook will patch up their flaws and continues to develop new ideas and concepts, then they might not end just yet on 10 years. We all know that everything has an end but if they’ll improve more and more, then they are extending their time of falling and vanishing. For now, let’s just savour Facebook’s dominant run.