If you are a fan of Temple Run, Angry Birds, Draw Something or any Android app you like, and you don’t just access them on your Android but also on your Windows PC, here is BlueStack. This software makes running of Android phones possible on Windows PC.

It is still on its beta phase but things are already looking good on BlueStacks App Player. It is already capable of running several Android apps.

Several companies have set their eyes on BlueStack already. Asus is one of those companies. Asus has already signed a deal with Bluestack to include their software on their future lines of PC including those models that will run the upcoming Windows 8.

Microsoft has already sealed the opportunity of letting users to dual-boot with other operating systems or root other operating systems on Windows 8. BlueStack will be the only possible choice of running Android applications on Windows 8 PCs, tablets and laptops.

Bluestack will not apply the method of emulating a modified Android operating system on Windows 8. But rather they will use an old technique of emulating by using its Android emulator,LayerCake.

There is a very popular emulator that shares the same technique. Wine is an open-source emulator which enables Linux variants, Mac OS X and other Unix operating systems to run Windows application. It doesn’t use of the Windows operating itself but rather by bridging the gap between the Windows program’s application programming interface (API) calls and the underlying operating system.

Bluestack uses that kind of technique. It doesn’t use the whole Android system itself but rather uses the essential part of the Android core just enough to run Android apps. It runs on the PCs processor and also uses the system’s graphics hardware to accelerate the program’s graphics processing.LayerCake controls the user control part. It emulates the tilting-capability, touch screen feature and zooming ability to mouse movements and clicks.

But what might be the potential threat for BlueStack is its security. Malware might be able to attack it because people will tend to search for applications that will be able to be installed on Bluestack. Cloud Connect(PC version of syncing to BlueStack) might be the road for malwares.

Indeed, it still has flaws but this product is not a phony at all. The idea of transporting Android Apps to your PC is not bad at all. Let’s see what it might end up to as Windows 8 come up. It will most probably at its peak during those times. Mac OS X support is coming soon too.