Venturebeat’sTom Cheredar reported that Microsoft has been buying domains related so “Smart Glass” such as,, and other variations thereof.

Several news say that Microsoft is announcing Smart Glassfor the Xbox 360 this upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo this Tuesday. But the question that comes up in our mind is what this technology all about? If you are guessing that it is a touchscreen technology or tablet-themed, the same with Wii U controllers, you are most likely wrong.

Earlier reports that this is what Microsoft tends to compete against Apple’s AirPlay. It means that it will be a streaming technology that will allow Xbox 360 users to stream for music and videos on their smartphones and tablets to their television. The xbox will most likely act as the median.

For those who are non-Window device users, you would probably want to read more about Microsoft plans about their upcoming streaming technology. It will not just be available on Window mobiles but also in Android, and iOS. According to Examiner’s Nicholas Gigante, they will also be able to download Smart Glass apps for the following smartphones.

Moreover, Smart Glass will allow users to control their consoles remotely. Gigante says that Microsoft a conceptual demo of Smart Glass at E3 but the bad news is, Microsoft will not actually do the actual live streaming during its big night.

Microsoft has yet to confirm the reports regarding their ‘Smart Glass’. News about the availability of Smart Glass for download is nothing but rumor for now. But Microsoft plan of being more streaming-friendly OS likely makes sense of unleashing this technology.

As streaming technology is getting more and more popular these days, Microsoft sure is heading the right way. But with Apple dominating this category, Microsoft might still have a long way to go. Who knows what Microsoft is planning? Microsoft sometimes unveils good releases. But there are still times that they produce fail products (Windows Vista, Windows ME). This is just my speculations but we’ll never know. What we can just do is wait for E3. Lots of surprises are to be unveiled there not just Microsoft but many other companies.

video from youtube|IGN