Several news confirmed that the rumor of “Facebook’s integration on the upcoming iOS 6“is not just speculations but rather true. Apple’s confirmation will be heard from the soon WWDC 2012 coming this June 11.

Twitter has been integrated to Apple’s latest smartphone OS which is the iOS 5. With its integration, Twitter gained more people using it. If Facebook will be integrated too, it is for sure that Facebook sees another potential gain on its rumoured integration. Several news articles confirmed that Facebook and Apple are already on the edge of signing a deal. If this deal happens, Facebook assets will come to upcoming iOS devices with iOS 6 integration.

I am not surprised with Apple and Facebook coming into terms. Facebook’s new “Camera App” has gained enormous promotions from Apple lately in the App Store. Recently Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said some promising words at the D10 conference such as“stay tuned” when he talks about Facebook. He also described Facebook as a “great company”. Just whoa. With this news, it is not surprising that some tech news sites come to the conclusion that Facebook will be integrated to iOS 6.

With this new integration, it could boost people’s approval rate of iPhone 5 which is guaranteed to have iOS 6 within it. This move should offer users a satisfying experience between apps and Facebook. Users will now have the chance to avoid the annoying and frustrating iOS Single Sign On technique.

The only problem that occurs in my mind is how “sharing” work in the integration? Facebook’s sharing technique is obviously complex compared to Twitter. Facebook have permissions, customizable viewing, and of course Open Graph. I hope that this integration will be kept simple as what they did with Twitter.

This news keeps me impatiently waiting for the new iOS 6. But we should first wait for Apple’s confirmation on the upcoming WWDC. The news remains unconfirmed and the possibility of two companies changing decisions is not zero. But still, its integration will please not only me, but for sure, other Apple fans out there.