Logitech, after a long battle with critics about their device compatibility with Apple devices, has successfully released a utility device which is a keyboard and it is compatible with both iPad and Mac simultaneously. This keyboard is special because it is not just wireless but also runs in solar energy. Logitech’s new device is called solar K760 keyboard.

So what makes Logitech use the solar energy for their device? Solar energy is infinite, efficient and its availability is everywhere. It is a very popular choice of energy for portable gadgets like phones, mp3’s, chargers, etc. Logitech is a well-known company that harnesses the power of the sun to their devices such as the Solar K760 keyboard and the Folio Keyboard for the iPad.

Aside from being solar powered, it also has a new connectivity feature. It does not use the WiFi connection anymore but rather uses the Bluetooth connection. Logitech also allows user to easily switch between connected devices. By just pressing one button and verifying which gadget you want to use, you can instantly switch between devices.  This is a very reliable feature that enables us loads of ease and accessibility.

The combination of being solar-powered and using Bluetooth connectivity truly stands in the company’s definition of wireless, nothing tangible is connecting your devices (ex. Chargers). Also, when it is fully charged, it has sufficient power to run in 3 months in complete darkness. This totally makes the Keyboard K760 the ultimate portable wireless keyboard.

Its design is also heavily based on Mac devices and its layout heavily reflects this. It has the usual Command, Eject buttons, etc. on it. It perfectly fits any Apple devices with its stylish design. Its design is ergonomic too!

And here comes another good news, paired with its outstanding capabilities and features, it bears a very reasonable price. It costs £69.99. But in the US, it has a high mark-up as usual. But bear in mind that this is already a very good deal with its features. This product can be pre-ordered in the UK and the shipment can be expected sometime around this June.

If you are looking for a wireless solar keyboard for your iphone, ipad or mac I think this is for you!

video from youtube|Logitech