For android Instagram users tilt-shift was not yet available on the first releases, to me this was a disappointment. If I’m not mistaken this feature was added to Instagram for android for almost a month now. I know this is old news to those who already knew about it. Just in case some of you guys didn’t notice it as well, here is the Instagram with long lost tilt-shift feature!

Why the excitement? I am a fan of tilt-shift that’s why! It gives a miniature effect on your photos. But what the heck is a tilt-shift anyway? You can read more about it here

Here are some tilt-shift photos that I took with my super extra low end android phone. I’m no expert in photography so bear with me.

Original | Tilt-shift Round | Tilt-shift Rectangle

If you have already updated your Instagram app you should have tilt-shift by now. Else you can download updated version from Google play.