For those who constantly changes SIM and find it very frustrating, I have good news for you! Motorola Mobility answered your prayers by releasing its first ever 3 SIM phone known as MOTOKEY 3-CHIP.

Today, having immediate access to everyone who matters in your life, from wherever you may be, is a top priority. With the MOTOKEY 3-CHIP’s triple SIM capability, staying in touch with friends and family has never been easier,” said Edson Bortolli, the product director of Motorola Mobility in Brazil.

Along with its outstanding triple-sim capability, it also features a 2MP camera. This is for people who don’t want to miss a wonderful moment and want to share it through the net. Sharing it is just one click away with this device. It also features a built-in MP3 player and FM radio. The company don’t just want to give users a crappy Triple-sim phone but a handy Triple-sim phone.

Motorola Mobility also stated that this device can be expanded up to 32GB microSD for those users who stores a lot of photos, music and videos. This device can also be used as a portable storage device. The company confirmed this by stating that “this device can double as a USB”.

This device can store any type of documents directly on the phone as it is commercialized with a 2GB card.

Sadly, this phone is just currently released on Brazil. It will be available for Brazillians from the first week of June. It has a suggested retail price of R$ 349.

For me, it could be better when they developed this phone into a smartphone. As Motorola Mobility is already owned by Google, it would be much better if they took advantage of applying the Android OS in it. A Triple-sim phone along with aAndroind phone would not just make it a handy phone but a very outstanding phone. You would not worry about changing sim cards anymore; you could do anything with its Android OS, and an ‘ok’ storage of 32GB. Why won’t Google do this? Maybe, Google has some tricks else up their sleeves.

We never know as Google is a really unpredictable company that never fails to surprise us.