The latest of Samsung’s most powerful smartphone, the Galaxy SIII, is now available this Tuesday inEurope. It is expected to be more successful than its predecessor which is the SII. With Samsung keeping up the pace, the day that they will topple Apple’s top spot is not so far away.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII currently bears the most powerful smartphone because of its quad core processing. On top of that it features 4.8 inch touch screen (bigger than Apple’s iPhone 4S and HTC’s One X), and a 8MP rear-facing and 1.9-megapixel forward-facing camera. It also runs on Android’s latest OS which is the Android 4.0 a.k.a Ice creamSandwich. Added features include sensory-eye movement, which prevents the backlight from dimming when you are looking straight unto the device.

Global carriers such as Vodafone angSingapore’s SingTel have been conducting aggressive promotions for SIII. They are making the speculation of topping S2’s sale of 20m units sold possible. As of now, Galaxy SIII has 9m pre-orders worldwide, but it is not clear if these reservations are from users or carriers.

In the two years that we’ve been offering pre-orders, it’s the most pre-ordered Android device we’ve had in our lineup,” said a spokesman from VodafoneUK. This statement just means that SIII is having its early release success. It is not impossible for SIII to top its predecessor.

Samsung is challenging Apple on who must be at the top. Francisco Jeronimo shared the same hypothesis by stating that “The Galaxy S3 is a real challenger to the upcoming iPhone, this is likely be one of the most sold smartphones this year, though the real test will come when the next iPhone is launched.

Of course Apple will not let themselves be the losers of the smartphone world for they are the first to introduce this in the market. They will answer back on Samsung’s release with their new iPhone 5 that is said to be released late this year. It is also said that iPhone 5 will have a longer screen, a new processor, a remodelled camera and flash, a new interface, new rear design, and relocated speaker. Will this be enough to topple Samsung’s SIII?

But now, Samsung currently holds the 82% gain in smartphone share compare to Apple’s 58% rise only. Apple needs to do something immediately or Samsung will grab the No.1 spot from them.

And a bad news for Apple is that “Samsung’s timing with the Galaxy S3 is perfect.” Said Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight inLondon.

Now what Apple?