Soon from today, we’ll be seeing new ultrathin laptops on sale that has different specs from last month. It will now have Chipzilla’s dual core and ultra-low voltage chips. Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processor will be in 110 different ultrabooks currently on hold. The number is expected to be doubled by Intel after a month for chosen qualified laptops. And what more exciting is that out of 110, 30 are touch-screen enabled laptops, 10 are convertible designs, and the rest are regular mainstream ultrabooks. And an even better news is that, some of those ultrabooks will be released will have a price tag of $699.

With the release of the new Ivy Bridge Processor, the required specs for laptops to be called ultrabooks have been revised. Here is the list of the revised requirements released by Intel:

  1. Under 18mm thick “for systems with displays less than 14 inches”
  2. Under 21mm thick “for displays 14 inches or more”
  3. “Wake in a flash” – from S4 suspend to keyboard interaction in less than 7 seconds
  4. At least 5 hours of battery life
  5. (New) “Responsive while active, meaning they will load and run favorite applications quickly”
  6. (New) Either USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt
  7. (New) “Come enabled with” Intel Identity Protection and Intel Anti-Theft (excepting certain countries)
  8. “Powered by Intel Core processor family for Ultrabook”
  9. (Optional) Touchscreens, WiDi, Smart Connect, GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor

Intel does not just require laptops to be thin and have a long battery life, but also they need to wake quickly from sleep, and faster inputs and storage. In addition, new ultrabooks need to have USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt ports and storage that is “responsive”. In these new requirements, we can deduct that users will now experience better multi-tasking and quicker processing.

The new requirements will just be applicable to new ultrabooks with IvyBridgechips. That means that OEMs can still sell existing ultrabooks as long as they still run on the previous chip, the Sandy Bridge processor.

So for those ultrabooks fanatics out there, there is a new release for you to test and use. Don’t forget you need a minimum of $699.