Absinthe 2.0, the jailbreak utility for iOS 5.1.1, was released by the Jailbreak Team of the Chronic Dev Team. This jailbreak tool does not only untether your device but also gives the user root access for the device which means that the user is capable of installing apps not granted by Apple.

Unlike the tethered jailbreak which was released earlier than the untethered, the untethered grants the user of eternal jailbreak. This means that the user will have no trouble of rebooting their device and losing the jailbreak capabilities of the Apple device.

Jailbreaker NikiasBassen a.k.a. pimskeks on Twitter, is the one who announced the release of Absinthe 2.0 at the press conference at the Hack in the Box conference inAmsterdam. He said out of the blue in the press conference“We actually managed to finish the untethered jailbreak for the 5.1.1 OS version” which caught the crowd by surprise.

Absinthe 2.0 is the first untethered jailbreak tool available for devices such as iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad 1, 2, 3 and iPod Touch 3rd, 4th gen. It is available on their official website. Absinthe 2.0 can only be used for devices running iOS 5.1.1(excluding Apple TV).

Bassen worked with his fellow jailbreakers to develop this tool. They are jailbreakers Joshua Hill (@p0sixninja), David Wang (@planetbeing) and Cyril, (@pod2g).

The jailbreakers don’t expect Apple to roll out a sudden fix for this. “Of course, they are going to patch things. But I’m not sure they will release a new version of iOS just for this. I think they will wait for iOS 6,” said Cyril of the jail break team. They are expecting that the beta version of iOS 6 will come out soon and they are excited to see what’s on it.

They also denied the rising rumour that they are already working for a jailbreak on iOS 6. “We are actually not working on that,it is always good to have an exploit in the drawer, there is a good chance we will use one of them,” Bassen said during the press.

Good news for them is that Apple never really tried to give them a cease order. ”Apple hasn’t sent us as much as a cease-and-desist,” Wang said, adding too that they are not worried on how Apple will reply to them.

It is free security research and security research is not cheap, it is expensive,” Bassen said. “So they probably are happy.” He added. Bassen hinted that Apple should be happy because they are helping Apple to know the exploits and holes on their iOS to develop it further.

Well for us users, when we hear untether jailbreak, this means happiness right? The only problem will be the turning of our Apple devices into bricks if wrong procedures are done during the jailbreaking process (this happened to me actually). But as far as I’m concerned, I’m happy that I finally jailbroken my iPod Touch. Period.