Finally after a long wait, Apple finally released the new iPad 3 on the PH market. Apple officially released the new iPad 3 yesterday, May 29, for sale on the Philippines along side Guam. Many Apple fanatics have been waiting for this release which features a new powerful processor and the Retina display with 5MP iSight camera. But the downside for this is that the Philippines still didn’t totally cope up with the technology available with this release. The 4G LTE is what bothers me. The 3G visibility is not yet stable here and now 4G coming, I doubt that our country can still support it. Not now but maybe, just maybe, soon.

Apple didn’t announce the release publicly but rather, the release date can be seen on Apple Asia’s official page. There, it can be seen that the next stop of the release will be on Guam andPhilippines due on May 29. Apple’s market revenue in Asia is growing more in more in every market. Apple is now consideringAsiaas a big potential for their growth.

If you are planning to buy the new iPad here in the Philippines, there are 3 options available for you to choose from

1.) Apple’s Online Store for Philippines

2.) via official Apple Authorized Reseller like MAC Centre

3.) and GLOBE Telecom

The same as they did on iPad 2, Globe Telecom acquired the new iPad quickly. But there are still no prices, packages and post-paid plans released to the public. Let’s just wait for Globe’s official statement about their plans available for iPad 3.

Apple has already reached 30 million sold units last March since it was officially released and what more is that their sales is growing more and more each month. With these stats, there is no doubt that Apple will have great revenue with their new release. And also, they are keeping their No.1 status as the best tablet available for the people. Good job Apple. But, how will Samsung(their greatest competitor) answer to this? We’ll see about that soon.

Apple iPad 3 Price Philippines

[based on apple online store PH]

iPad 16GB Wi-Fi – Php23,990
iPad 32GB Wi-Fi – Php28,990
iPad 64GB Wi-Fi – Php33,990
iPad 16GB 4G+Wi-Fi – Php29,990
iPad 32GB 4G+Wi-Fi – Php34,990
iPad 64GB 4G+Wi-Fi – Php39,990