In Apple world, those who upgraded their iphones or any idevices to 5.1 lost their jailbreak. iOS device users are still waiting for the untethered Jailbreak to be released. According to Pod2g, a well-known iOS hacker, he’s got no clue on when it will be released.

Last week he bypassed ASLR or Address Space Layout Randomization, which is an important stage of the process but it is still far from being complete. Though Pod2g team has the exploit required creating the new jailbreak, it doesn’t always mean that jailbreak is near, it could take months to be completed. So iOS 5.1 users be patient! You can’t do anything but wait. Or you can use the tethered version if you want.

I will try to keep you posted with Pod2g’s iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak progress here, or you can follow Pod2g on twitter.