I decided to write a quick tutorial on how to install apps /games on Samsung Galaxy Y because some of my visitors are asking about it.

This tutorial is also applicable to any android phone that is not using any moded firmware.

Before we start, ensure that

  1. Your phone can connect to the internet either by GPRS/3G or wifi connection. If you don’t have a wifi or can’t use data you can skip option 1 and proceed to option 2.
  2. You have a Google account.

Option 1

Connect to wifi or gprs/3g network and setup your android market/google play.

  1. Go to setting > accounts & sync
  2. Tap add account
  3. Enter your gmail account and password.
  4. Select sync all if you want your contacts and calendar to be downloaded on your phone.
  5. Save
  6. Go to app drawer and open google play/market
  7. If it asks for email and password enter your gmail account and password again then continue.
  8. Google play will load and all apps will be displayed if successful.
  9. Select one app and tap download. It will automatically install if download is successful.
  10. You’re done! You can see your new installed app on your app drawer.

Another way to install app is to download from your computer and copy to sd card or phone memory. But you cannot download apps from the market using your PC and upload it to your phone. You can download apps from other sites instead and upload the apk file to your phone but there are security risks involve. If you are OK to take that risk then go on.

Option 2

Download APK file from the internet

  1. Connect USB to PC
  2.  Turn on USB storage
  3. Copy and paste APK to your phone
  4. Open Settings > Applications
  5. Check Unknown Sources to allow installation of non-Market applications. Tap back to home.
  6. Go to folder where you uploaded the apk file
  7. Open the file, tap install.
  8. If installation is successful you can see the icon on your app drawer.

There you go I hope this is helpful to you and if you have any questions just use the comment box below, that’s specially made for you!