Having a tablet and a smartphone may not be possible without the smart knowledge of Samsung. It is not really easy to imagine how this technology will come into reality until Samsung introduced Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3.

Compared to other smartphones, the note is considerably bigger with its 5.3 inch display screen giving it an actual size of 5.78 inches in height and 3.27 inches in width. This makes the note impossible for single hand handling which can be done on smartphones. Simply covered by a thin plastic material it has a feel of elegant texture at the back giving it a feature of high quality.

The S Pen input device which is located on the lower right corner of the notes frame has a function button which helps on activating various tasks on the screen. Using its tip by just putting enough pressure into it, you will be able to draw a thick or a thin line. The pen seemed to be so thin, with its 0.38 inch size; there is a possibility of losing it. If this happens, you can have a replacement for a price of $29.00.

What more can you ask for? You can also enjoy taking pictures for its eight-megapixel camera and a pre-installed photo editing software with a flash for best result.

If the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 impressed you, hold on before you decide. Take a look at the new Samsung technology, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! Find out its features then, compare!

Just like Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3, 10.1 also feature an S Pen which helps you draw out notes. Packed with various software tricks such as multi-screen functionality, watching videos and browsing the web can also be done here, making it a very useful tool among users. Explore your creativity with its Adobe Photoshop Touch and Ideas apps which is integrated in the S Pen. And, how would you like to explore your creative ideas using Zen Brush and Omni Sketch apps and Hello Crayon apps for your kids. That is something both you and your kid will enjoy during your bonding moment.

There is no way you can resist the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with its split-screen option, which allows you for a dual viewing. Although it has a smaller screen there is a lot more you can do out of this Galaxy Note. Powered by dual core 1.4 GHz A9CPU with its added features, this is due to be released this 2nd quarter.

So, watch out for its release and be the first one to enjoy using the new Samsung Galaxy Note

Having read the features of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and 5.3, it’s up for you now to decide which one will give you more benefit.