Google announced last Wednesday (April 4) the public tests of their augmented reality glasses, otherwise known as Project Glass. The augmented reality glasses were developed in Google X secret lab said to be located somewhere in the San Francisco Bay area.

A mock-up video about Project Glass can be viewed in YouTube, the video shows the capabilities of the augmented reality glasses. The person wearing the glasses provides a walkthrough of Project Glass features, using voice command to send messages, viewing maps and getting directions on the best routes to take, taking photos and even online chat and more.

For some, it looks like what Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z is wearing. Good news is that Google’s still exploring different designs for the Project Glass to give it a more stylish appeal. They are looking into having it fit easily on existing glasses. Co-founder of Google, Sergei Brin was spotted wearing a prototype of the augmented reality glasses and finds it very useful.

Project glass is expected to be out in the market by the end of 2012 and is said to cost around $250 to $600. For now, Google is still on the testing stage and they are open for suggestions and feedback that could help them further improve Project Glass. Comments and suggestions about Project Glass are welcomed at google glass page.