iPod Nano a very sleek portable multimedia player you can carry anywhere, anyway you want it.  You may just slip it on your pocket with your favorite leather casing then, enjoy listening to your favorite music, or use it as your wrist watch.   This may seem awkward because of the size, but with our current trend this is now being considered to be fashionable.

In choosing the best ipod nano watch band, consider the following factors to make you proud of using iPod nano as your wrist watch.


  • The watch band must hold your iPod properly, keeping it in place.
  • You have to be comfortable of having your iPod nano attached to a watchband
  • It has to be adjustable with the size of your wrist
  • It must be durable
  • It must have an appearance that goes with your lifestyle; and
  • It must be reasonably priced

Looking for your watchband for iPod Nano?  Here are some which you can be proud of using:


  • Lunatic watch band is a rubber watch band with a sporty appearance and aluminum fasteners to keep your iPod Nano in place preventing it from slipping down.  Priced at $ 69.95, you can be sure of the safety of your tablet and still be proud of how it looks.
  • TikTok watch band is much cheaper with its $ 35.95 price.  It is made up of silicone steel which can easily snap-in your iPod in place and its symmetrical design allows you an easy access of the tablet’s controls and connectors.
  • Griffin Slap is made up of soft and flexible spring steel band and is available in 8 different colors.  This one’s cost only $ 24.99.  It covers the buttons but leaves the audio jack uncovered.
  • Hex Watch Band – this is made up of premium silicone strap with integrated buttons and provides great protection with the tablet.  Easy to use, just pop in your iPod for an instant snap-in.
  • Incipio NGP – so reasonably priced at $ 24.99.  Got a sporty look and durable in quality.  You may find this watch band “great for everyday use!”


If you really want to enjoy more your iPod wear it over your wrist and watch how people are amazed of what you’ve got.   There are still a lot of iPod nano watch band in the market and you can easily take a look at each of them by just searching over the internet.