Simsimi app is now popular on both android and iOS devices but how about for Blackberry smartphones? Don’t be sad BB users you can still chat with simsimi using your browser.

Ever since I wrote my simsimi app review two weeks ago, I got comments and searches looking for simsimi for blackberry. I looked for it on RIM app world but I only got simisimi Indonesia. And why is that so? What about simsimi Philippines? :)

For blackberry users you don’t need an app really. Creators of simsimi already published a web version and you can access it on your blackberry browsers instead. Who needs an app? The UI is a bit off on small screens but its not bad, you can still converse with simsimi same as using the actual app. You can use operamini browser to make it  readable when you zoom in as it wraps all text and fits to small screens.

With your blackberry phone go to and start talking to simsimi. Enjoy!