Finally! The much awaited release date of Diablo III is on 05.15.2012. Enthusiasts may now pre-purchase Diablo III online and start downloading the ecrypted version of the game which will be unlocked on May 15. I too have been waiting for Diablo III’s release for so long, I’m not a hardcore gamer, I prefer enjoying a single player game in my own time and not online. Heeheee.

Aside from the digital pre-purchse, others like myself will still opt to purchase the retail/boxed DVD for PC Windows Vista / Windows 7 and Mac. Blizzard Entertainment will also release Diablo III: Collector’s Edition though the date for its release, suggested retail price and other details were not yet announced at this time.

I started playing Diablo II in 2001 and got hooked with it. My office colleague was the one who introduced me to it, he installed Diablo II on my computer. I got addicted to the game, my mom used to scold me because I was up all night playing. I wanted to relive those moments ,so just recently, my sweetie bought me a Diablo II pack to keep me busy while he’s working on his computer at night.

We had problems though with the installation since my laptop is running on Windows 7. Diablo II pack is compatible to Windows Vista and Windows XP. We were able to install the game but the images were discolored, it only shows green and red colors on the screen. If you’re experiencing the same problem with the install, below is the quick fix you could use:


Diablo 2 on Windows 7 fix

1. Set Windows XP compatibility for diabloII.exe
– Right click diabloII.exe > compatibility
– Tick compatibility mode and set Windows XP Service pack 3
– Tick disable visual themes
– Tick disable desktop composition

2. Launch screen resolution window from desktop and leave it open
3. Launch diabloII.exe. On the game option window you will notice green and red colors, now ALT – TAB to minimize the game then maximize again.

After doing the steps above, viola! Diablo II is on!!!

[fix source: battlenet forums]