The latest innovation in iPad today is iPad 3 showcasing a lot of new features beneficial for users.  Since iPad is really a great advantage in our current technology, what could be the best way to protect it, and how are we going to keep it in good condition?  iPad’s are delicate, they need protection, this is why iPad casing and covers are out in the market to help us provide protection .

iPad casing had been designed to provide protection for delicate thin feature of an iPad.  Various designs and colors are available depending on the user’s lifestyle.  You may even create your own design and ask the manufacturer to provide you with the design you wanted.

  • ZAGG, a fancy protection accessory comes in various designs and colors which are made up of high-quality genuine leather.  If the design that you wanted may not be available, you are free to request a design of your choice.  The price of Zagg LeatherSkin for iPad range from $ 19.99 to $ 49.99 depending on form.
  • If you are looking for a standard leather folio which can be used as horizontal/vertical stand of your iPad, Bear Motion case is for you.  Made up of 100% genuine leather, it has a 3-in-1 built-in stand for Apple iPad 2 tablet.  This feature makes it more comfortable for the user of the tablet.   60 bucks cost for this case may not be too much for its features, most especially now that Amazon have given a 33% discount from its price with a free shipping.  Because of its added feature, it adds bulk and weight, which do not necessarily affect the tablet or the user.
  • The case that will protect your iPad from scratches and fingerprints is Toblino.  It has a multi-angle stand for automatic viewing.  The case gives you a better grip of the tablet.  It is reasonably priced from $ 19.99 to $ 39.99.

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What I have given above are just some of the new iPad covers, there are still others which can provide the same level of protection but with different features some examples are; the CaseCrown Suede Zip Sleve which is made up of suede with a scratch resistant interior, and a zipper, and has a  price range from $ 11.49 to 35.49.  The Belkin Max Sleeve, which has a solid cushioning surface that serves extra protection.  Case Crown memory foam pouch has a shock absorbing memory foam technology, with a price of $ 20.99.

If you are looking for a waterproof case, Targus Crave Slipcase and Trendy digital Waterguard water proof case must be your choice.  Just to remind you, being water proof means that it is safe to use even with a splash of water but never use it under water.

The Smart Cover for iPad  is available in leather or polyurethane.  It protects the screen of an iPad and can be folded for a vertical or horizontal stand.  There is only one disadvantage on using this cover.  It does not cover the back of the tablet.

When choosing between iPad leather covers and plastic covers assess the features and find out which you think will give more protection and still comfortable for you.