Upgrading gingerbread to an android device seems a little bit old but that’s how it is on the Samsung Galaxy tab wifi version. Compared to its siblings the Samsung galaxy tab wifi is not that lucky. We thought that this is already forgotten, no updates, no custom ROM, no nothing. Until last December a new ROM was released. It is for the European version but it works on US and Asia versions as well.

As other devices are now enjoying honeycomb and ICS, owners of this device are hopeful for an ICS custom ROM soon, but before that let us work on the gingerbread firmware for now.

Why should you update to Gingerbread?

For me it’s for performance, it’s the only reason I upgraded it. I noticed the lag on the dropdown notification is already gone. Fling on application drawer is now smoother even without overcloking it. Not much change on the looks other than icons and gradient effects.

Before I start the tutorial please do know that I will not be responsible if you break your tab while doing the upgrade. But this tutorial worked for me, there is a good chance that it will work for you too as long as you follow instructions correctly.

What you will need:

  1. Odin tool [download]
  2. Latest FROYO firmware [download]
  3. Kernel [download]
  4. Gingerbread firmware please use P1010XEUKPG or P1010XEUKPI  [download]


Step 1: Install the lastest Froyo firmware

Extract all zip files. Open Odin tool and follow the following checkbox options

  1. Click PIT and select P1010XWKC1_OXX directory, add p1wifi_20110128_r10_00.pit
  2. Click PDA and select P1010XWKC1_OXX directory, add P1010XWKC1-REV03-ALL-low-CL946441.tar.md5
  3. Click CSC and select P1010XWKC1_OXX directory, add GT-P1010-MULTI-CSC-OXXKC1.tar.md5
  4. Put tab on download mode (Power down tab and push POWER + Volume down) connect cable in USB, you should see it connected in Odin. If your tab is not recognized download and install the USB drivers first [download]

If all is OK click start to start flashing. Don’t do anything unless it says it’s done.


Step 2: Flash the kernel

After you are done with step one it will boot to latest froyo firmware, turnoff again and go to download mode as before.

  1. Add P1010ZHKF1-KERNEL-eng.tar in PDA field.
  2. Un-tick CSC, and re-partition. See below for details
  3. Click Start to flash.


Step 3: Flash Gingerbread

Here we will flash Gingerbread.

  1. Add P1010XXKPG_P1010XEUKPG_HOME.tar.md5 in PDA field.
  2. Leave re-partition, F. reset time and CSC. See details below
  3. Click Start to flash

This might take 5 – 10 minutes, take a deep breath and wait.

When you hear it boots with a different sound then you know you have flashed it correctly. Wait for it to boot properly then disconnect USB.

There you go, I hope you have successfully upgraded your SGT P100 wifi to gingerbread. If you have any questions just post a comment and I will try to answer them. Thanks to taney of xda-developers for the original tutorial.

If you want a video version I have created one for you. Enjoy your gingerbread!