Siri became popular when apple released it on the iphone 4s last year. Similar apps were also released after that. If you want a good laugh try the app Simsimi.

Simsimi is a chat robot app that responds to your messages. I had fun chatting with simsimi and thought I’d give a brief review about it.
Like a virtual assistant app, Simsimi requires internet connection before you can use it. The responses are both funny and ridiculous depending on the questions you’re asking. If you are being rude you can get offended by Simsimi’s response as well. If I didn’t know that this is an app I would actually think that someone is chatting with me.
You can also teach Simsimi how to respond to messages. I conversed with it in Tagalog and it replied in Tagalog, this is because someone must have already taught Simsimi how to respond in this dialect. I tried Ilocano and guess what? It replied Idiay adda ti load and kuripot.

If you want to teach Simsimi, you have to authorize it with your Facebook or email account. Downside about this app is that users teach the response to questions, because of this, you may receive foul languages as a response.

Teach responsibly, you can report Simsimi if it is being rude by touching its speech bubble. If you don’t want to be responded by offensive words (especially if a child would try using this app), disable offensive language in settings instead.

Though it doesn’t support voice recognition/response I don’t consider it as a downside since Simsimi supports multiple languages. It’s useless if it doesn’t understand the language you are using.

Overall it’s a fun app just don’t get too attached with it =)

Simsimi is free and it’s available for IOS and android.