Hey forgetful Joe! This is your lucky day because there’s a new cool gadget that will help to remind you of those things you always forget. And if you have an iPhone 4S and you are looking for something to dress it up and protect it then you ought to check out BiKN iPhone 4S protective case. It is not just an ordinary protective iPhone 4S casing but it can also help you find your stuffs if you misplaced them. The design itself looks sleek, durable and precisely made to fit into your iPhone device. Another thing that you’ll love about BiKN is the thumbnail-sized tags that comes with the package when you buy it.  These colorful tags are not just an ordinary tags that you can hook into your important stuffs, consider it as a tracking device from which you can locate your stuffs (where your tags are clipped) through your iPhone 4S with a help of BiKN app.  And lastly, the best feature of this iPhone 4S casing is its three locator features: Find, Leash, and Page.

The locator features are so amazing and helpful especially if you have kids or dogs who loves to wander around.  First the “Find” features, you can put the special designed tags to your most important stuff and in case you forget where you placed it then you can use the Find feature of your BiKN.  How does it work? The BiKN app will create a locator map around you and will guide you where to find your lost stuff.

Then the “Leash“, a good example is for this is when you have kids with you in a place like a park or mall.  You just need to clip the tags on the kid’s belt or anywhere on him then set a limit on how far he should wander away from you.  Once he reached or goes beyond the limit then your iPhone will alarm to notify you that your kid is now beyond the limits you’ve set.

Lastly, “Page” let’s say your family goes out for a walk around the mall and each one of you are looking for something or just wandering around.  Give each one of them a tag and ask them to clip it. Once you’ve decided to round them all up, all you have to do is select them from your iPhone BiKN app and page them with a message.

The technology used for that keeps the communication between your iPhone 4S and the tags is called 802.15.4 which enables your phone to use a low-rate wireless network.

The price and official release has not been revealed yet and like you, we’re also waiting for the updates.  We will update this post once we receive the report.