Heavy traffic jams – one of the major problems here in the metro most especially during peak days and peak hours. In most cases, when we say peak days it pertains to the business days of the week (usually weekdays). While peak hours is when all of these people including students are all out in the road in the morning going to their respective destinations and another one is late in the afternoon where they head home. During this busy hours you should expect heavy traffic jams as if you don’t to go to the office or head home.  If you have the same dilemma then worry no more because there’s an amazing iPhone application that you can download and ease that problem.  The application is called Waze GPS & traffic application.

This Apple iTunes application Waze is not only a traffic and navigation app but also a social networking program.  You will become a part of your local community not only by contributing road data but also you can create or join various driving groups within your area.  The application is free to download and use either on your iPhone 4/4S or iPad.  Once you have this on your device, all you have to do is download the data before you leave so that you’ll have the idea on the status of the road.  Or, if you want a real-time information you have to ensure that your Internet connection or data connection is always on to get the most updated data within your location or destination.  Another feature of this application is you can contribute within the community or to other people who have the same application by providing a report or status of your location.  By the way, this application is also integrated with Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook so this mean you can share also your location and status on your favorite social media services.

For more information about the application and where to download it – check it here.