Sony has this thing with docking stations and it is becoming their habit that for every smartphones they release to the public, it should be accompanied by a newly designed docking station.  If you are not yet convinced then think of their Xperia Play which had the DK300 Multimedia docking station, and what about all of those Xperia handsets released last year they have the Livedock multimedia docking station.  And for this year 2012, Sony introduced their ever-first 4G LTE Android 2.3 Sony Xperia Ion from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 event held in Las Vegas.  And guess what? This latest smartphone comes with an optional docking station called SmartDock for Xperia™ Ion.  Yes folks, as expected from Sony after their breakup with Ericsson, they wanted people to forget about it and focus on what they can offer to the public.

The SmartDock for Sony Xperia™ Ion technical specification is almost the same as with the previous docking station Livedock but the only difference between the two is that this new Smartdock have a HDMI port at the back.  This means that you can now connect your Sony Xperia Ion onto your television (TV) for as long as your TV’s HDMI output port is CEC compatible (Consumer Electronics Control). Well, almost all of the new released televisions nowadays carries HDMI version 1.3 inputs so most likely it will be capable or it is already a CEC compatible appliance.

So what’s so special about this feature?  With your Sony Xperia Ion connected into your television, you can now access your photos, watch all of your stored videos and even listen to your favorite music.  Another cool thing about this docking station is since it has a dedicated port for a keyboard, mouse and game controller you can now even play some of the best RPG games available for this device like Samurai II: Vengeance.  And last but not the least, the Smartdock should serve as a charging station for your Sony Xperia Ion.

Unfortunately, this docking station is not yet available in the market but surely it will since the smartphone Sony Xperia Ion is now out on some online stores and they are now accepting pre-orders of this amazing and promising smartphone from Sony.  And by the way, Sony Xperia Ion is now exclusive under AT&T and I am pretty sure before the end of this first quarter both the phone and the docking station will be available.

I will update this post once I’ve spotted this in the market and for the meantime, let’s all enjoy this teaser from Sony flaunting their Smartdock for Sony Xperia Ion.