How to avoid losing your keywords or content rankings from search engines like Google’s SERP (search engine results page)? If you are one of those bloggers like me who relies on the earnings we acquire from Online Advertising companies like Google Adsense to sustain your daily expenses then you have to read this article. If you are still not aware, last week Google posted on their official Google Webmasters blog site that they have now a new algorithm that will change on how they crawl your website and your SERP rankings. This change has something to do with the way you place your ads within your content. This move from Google was made because of the complaints they are getting from other readers and to correct this Google made another algorithm that now checks the amount of content you have on your website and also on how you place or publish your Google Adsense ad units.

As we all know (as far as I know), the larger the Google Adsense ad units you publish on your website the bigger the chance that you can or might earn more. Another fact is, when an ad unit is placed on the first fold of your content the higher the chance that your readers might click and of course this will contribute into your daily earnings. However, there are bloggers that uses these large ad units and posting them on the first fold of their page without considering their readers or visitors. The ads are becoming quite intrusive and an irritant to their eyes while reading your article. And the sad part of this, most of this bloggers doesn’t give much information about the topic and sometimes the content is irrelevant to what their readers are actually looking for – I consider this MFA websites. These are just some of the examples why Google are changing their algorithm. This new algorithm will affect those websites having small amount of contents above the fold just because it was pushed down by large blocks of ads.

If you think your website or contents are not yet affected by this new algorithm from Google then you should update your website now and re-arrange your ads placement now before it’s too late. Once Google finds out that your are violating this new algorithm, then expect that your incoming organic traffic will drop drastically since Google will push your keywords and contents back from SERP. And if you decide to re-arrange your page layout in accordance to this new algorithm then don’t expect for a drastic change or don’t expect that your traffic will come back. You will need to wait until the next time Google crawls your website. You’re in luck if it would only take a week or two but knowing how Google bot crawlers work, sometimes it takes longer than that. Well, the good thing about this is your website won’t be de-indexed and you are still given another chance. But the sad part of this if your website has been affected, you’d lose your expected earnings until your website recovers from the new algorithm.

For more information check out Google’s Webmasters Blog.