Lenovo unveiled the first android 4 ice cream sandwich powered Smart TV called K91 at CES yesterday. Since this is an android device we expect to see some functionality that we can find on a Smartphone. The 55 inch SmartTV is capable of displaying 3D video that has 1080p IPS display. It is powered with 1.5 GHz dual core snapdragon processor and 1GB of ram. It has a built in 5 megapixel camera that support face recognition for face unlock feature. I’m sure that camera will work on other feature as well.

The K91 supports video on demand (VoD), internet apps and of course regular TV programs. It has motion sensor and supports voice control and dictation, I just don’t know yet how good the voice recognition is. Apps can be downloaded from both android market and Lenovo download site.

There’s no news on the price at this stage, but looks like that this is yet the smartest SmartTV I’ve seen so far. I’m sure other manufacturers will release their version of android TV soon.