My wife wanted to buy a Nintendo Wii because of Wii sports and other cool Wii games. We already agreed on buying it, fortunately she saw xbox kinect demo and played kinect sports. I insisted that we should buy Xbox 360 with kinect instead. It was an easy decision, kinect sensor made it easy for her to decide.

We scouted for the cheapest package, Anson’s Appliance Centre was offering it P18K for 6 months, package includes 4gig memory, 1 controller, kinect sensor and 1 game (Kinect Adventures). Automatic Center’s price is at P1, 815.83 for 12 months. I checked online for xbox 360 kinect bundle and there were plenty of sellers on sulit website but with the same price range, some of them are cheap but already second-hand. When we were about to buy the P18K package we dropped by at Datablitz Megamall to check their price, they don’t have an installment package available, but their cash price is the lowest among other stores I’ve checked so far. The price is at P14, 300, same package with Anson’s and Automatic Center. Mike (friendliest sales person ever..woot!) attended to our inquiries and explained to us the price difference of the kinect bundle, US Version and Asian, etc.

We could have looked for cheaper packages at Greenhills, etc. but what the heck we were excited to take home that damn 360. Aside from the low price, Datablitz also offers discount for the unit and several other discounts on accessories and CDs when paid in cash. The price of the game accessories and cd games are cheaper at Datablitz, however we had to take advantage of the BPI Madness offer and bought another controller for P2, 229.75 and other CD games at Toy Kingdom. The cost is a bit pricey and there are fewer choices compared to those available at Datablitz.

So far so good, it’s almost 1 month since I bought it and I have no regrets buying it. Hmm actually there is one; I should have bought the 250Gig bundle : 4Gig is not enough for downloadable contents. Expansion HDD is about 5K for 350GB, cheaper than 250GB based on Datablitz price, weird. I’m going to get that one as well soon I need to hold it for now, I got no molah left. haha

If you guys are selling or you know a store selling cheap xbox360 kinect bundle feel free to post a comment below. Gotta go play BF3!