I bought Xbox 360 last Christmas for my wife and of course for myself as well hehe. We both love it specially kinect games, it’s really fun to play with.

It’s my first time to use Xbox since I only played games on PC and PS2 before. One problem that I encountered was creating Xbox live account. I never thought that Xbox live is not yet available in the Philippines and that I would ever need it. When I login with my email (hotmail) it says “Sorry, Xbox LIVE isn’t currently available in the locale associated with this Windows Live ID. Try a different Windows Live ID“.

I tried to change my Country/Region to United States in my email profile and connect to XBOX live again using the console and viola! It worked. If this doesn’t work for some reason go to Xbox live using your PC and create your account manually then download profile to your console afterwards. If you have already created your gamer profile locally just select join Xbox live from your console and use your email account with country/region set to US.

Why do I need xbox live?

Xbox live is actually free but you can upgrade it to gold membership for Netflix, online gaming, etc. I’ll stay with free for now since I don’t have friends yet to play with online. I need Xbox live to play trial games which helps me decide if I would buy it or not. There are game updates and fixes that need downloading, which requires xbox live account. One example is Battlefield 3, you will need xbox live to download HD content for you to be able to play it in high definition. These updates are essential to the game. Another feature that I like is I can be able to track my profile online (xbox.com).

Now you can be able to login to xbox live add me gamertag: ahlod